About Us

ONE MOORER, LLC, is a Black-owned, independent media & management company located in Southern California. We create, produce, and distribute media on multiple platforms focusing on discovering and representing diverse and unique voices from marginalized creatives.

Our mission is to demonstrate that the Color of Quality is not limited to any one group, race, or gender. We seek to help underrepresented voices find a home for their imagination and courage, and to become their first choice in business partners to bring their dreams to life. 

One Moorer seeks to be inclusive, working with like-minded creatives that share our passion, work ethic, and creative determination to give birth to a legacy that will make a profound impact in media, education, and entertainment across the world. 

James Moorer

One Moorer LLC, Founder/CEO
Hammerjaxx Films, Principal
Dark Anthem Press, Publisher


photo credit: Kris Garfield

James Moorer is an accomplished entrepreneur, filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, publisher, and best-selling author with over 20 years of experience. He began his career in the early 2000s directing, acting, and doing voice-overs for indie films. He’s produced independent films that received critical acclaim.

James is a sought-after speaker who inspires audiences with his innovative perspective and career journey. He delivers keynotes at industry conferences and events, including Exception Fest 2023. From 2021-2024, he served as Director of Outreach and Diversity Initiatives for Roadmap Writers, a company that has helped more than 350 writers gain representation. In June 2024, he began offering executive consulting services for Roadmap Writers.

With over two decades of success across filmmaking, writing, and producing, James continues to share his passion for creating highly engaging stories that resonate with global audiences. 

-Organization of Black Screenwriters