Press release: James Moorer to offer executive consulting services

Los Angeles - One Moorer CEO James Moorer announced today that he has begun offering executive consultations to Roadmap Writers, a company that has helped over 350 writers gain representation.

One Moorer is a media and management company that specializes in book-to-screen projects and seeks to amplify underrepresented voices. James Moorer served as Roadmap Writers' Director of Outreach & Diversity initiatives from 2021-2024.

"I'm happy to make this transition. I've enjoyed my time as part of the RW crew, and although I'm no longer part of the team, I'll still be family. So far, it's been an amazing journey founding One Moorer, and we're just getting started! We've got five books in the pipeline and two projects in development. The best is yet to come."

James Moorer will offer Roadmap Writers' clients several types of consultation, classes, and sessions, including novel writing, screenwriting, script feedback, pitch prep, and book consultation. 

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